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Why EDA is a good choice File Economists and HR meet students

Friday 21, room 14 h.12-14

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EDA Crash course 2018-19 File Timetable


Seminars of the Dept. SAEMQ, ECONOMICS, 2018/19 File 2/10/2018 Steve Fazzari


Nobel Prize in Economics File 2017 Nobel Prize Lecture 18.12.17, S.Piccolo

Nobel Prize Lecture: 1.12.17 Salvatore Piccolo, "The Nobel Prize in Economics Science 2017: Richard Thaler"

News Page Many good reasons to choose a Master Degree in Economics

Many opportunities

Page Heckathon in Big DATA


Hints and Research File Minsky's moment

from the Economist

File Doctors use evidence when prescribing treatments. Policymakers should, too

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File Douglass North


File Gender gap

gender gap WEF

File Angus Deaton wins the 2015 Nobel Prize in Economics


File UK Elections and Euroscepticism

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Page Keeping the world's labour market busy

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Page Chart: The new class divide


Page EU bureaucrats

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Page Chart: Race to the bottom

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