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    2019-20 MSc


    Welcome!!!! To learn advanced economics knowledge and cutting-edge statistical methods in order to build leading economic competences for the information society.

    "We are not students of some subject matter, but students of problems. And problems may cut right across the borders of any subject matter or discipline."  Karl Popper, 1963.

  • EDA Crash courses 2019-20

    Every LM EDA offers first year students two crash courses:

    1. Economic Analysis
    2. Introduction to STATA

    Please ATTEND both courses: you will learn or revise the basic knowledge required during your Master course.

  • DATA LAB 2019-20

    DATA LAB is a compulsory activity for EDA-EMOS but not for EDA-EDA students who may choose it as an elective course.

    In DATA LAB you will learn to use three great packages: STATA, R and Python.

    Please note that the first part (STATA) coincides with the crash course.

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      Machine Learning class: Covid-19 reports

      The students of the Machine Learning class, a.y. 2019-20, with the support of the prof. Michela Cameletti did a great job! They decided to "face" the Coronavirus by developing some descriptive analysis  - using R software - regarding the spread of the virus across time, regions and provinces, as well as the sentiment of the Italian population as expressed in the most recent tweets.

      I'm glad to share their reports with the whole EDA community.